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Our Demonstration Agreement with NRCS allows for projects to be tested, or demonstrated, in New Hampshire to see how these practices may work. 

Shallow Wells - Our most recent demonstration agreement proposal. 

This project is proposed for high-tunnels, orchards, and livestock pasture grazing. 

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On June 4, NHACD, District Managers and NRCS staff gathered in Concord for a morning of presentations on the projects in this agreement. Below are links to presentations. If you have more questions about any of the projects, please contact the district manager in charge. 

Saving Our Brook Trout With Wood in Streams

Article by, Linda Brownson

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Belknap County Conservation District -
Upper Gunstock Brook Instream Wood Project Completed!
The Belknap County Conservation District (BCCD), working with Trout Unlimited and with permission from landowners, completed an instream wood project in the upper section of Gunstock Brook between Gilford Glen Road and Hoyt Road.  Felled trees were secured within the brook’s flow at pre-determined locations to help decrease soil erosion and the potential for flooding downstream, and increase habitat and food sources for fish species of interest such as Eastern Brook Trout.

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Coös County Conservation District - 
Streambank Stabilization & Habitat Restoration Projects
With funds from the Demonstration Agreement, Coös County Conservation District was able to provide funding for the surveys, designs and permitting for several of these projects. NRCS completed construction of the projects with with EQIP funding.

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- Additional Projects -

Cheshire County Conservation District - No-Till Vegetable Project and a Fish Passage Project

Grafton County Conservation District - Cover Crop Project

Hillsborough County Conservation District - Urban Learning Garden Project

Merrimack County Conservation District - High-Tunnel Project and ORIS, Beginner Farmer Project

Rockingham County Conservation District - Oyster Equipment Project, Turtle Nesting Project,

                                                                              and Pollinator Project

Strafford County Conservation District - Corn Planter Retrofits

Sullivan County Conservation District - Cover Crop Project

Statewide Project, Granite State Grazers - Fencing / Batt Latches



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