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​Environmental Sciences Workshop

Teacher Training 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hopkinton, NH


Since 1991, NH Envirothon has inspired teens to make responsible environmental and natural resource decisions through real-world, hands-on educational experiences. Many students step away from the Envirothon experience excited about learning and motivated to pursue careers in environmental studies, environmental law, natural sciences, and natural resource management.

Join the science experts behind NH Envirothon for a full day of hands on contact hours! Geared towards middle and high school teachers, participants will gain valuable knowledge in the areas of –
-   Aquatics
-   Forestry
-   Soils
-   Wildlife
-   and the 2020 NH Envirothon Current Issue - Water Resources Management: Local Control and Local Solutions.

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More information about NH Envirothon on the website -

Contact for more information – Dawn Dextraze, NH Envirothon Coordinator



The New Hampshire Envirothon is a competition between New Hampshire schools based on natural resources. The subjects are aquatics, forestry, soils, and wildlife.

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Dawn Dextraze


call:  603-504-1004

NH Envirothon - (link to more information)

Envirothon - (link to more information at NRCS)

Soil Judging

The primary intent of the New Hampshire Soil Judging Contest is educational -- to teach High School students the characteristics and properties of soil and how they effect selected uses. The competition aspect of the contest is a secondary intent but it does provide students with the opportunity to study and research information with their peers and then individually apply the information. Overall, NH Soil Judging is great fun and great training for future decision-makers!

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Do you want to get your child or school involved?
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Soil Judging - (click for more information) 

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