​​​​Our Partners
Conserving, protecting, and promoting responsible use of New Hampshire's resources since 1946.
What We Do

Collaboration and Support


  • Provides a medium through which Districts meet, exchange ideas, work cooperatively on common challenges and objectives, and reach consensus on courses of action.
  • Develops resolutions outlining its position and presents them at local and national meetings.
  • Cooperates with the State Conservation Committee in coordinating its activities among Districts.
  • Promotes an understanding and acceptance of soil and water conservation in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school curricula.
  • Informs state and federal legislators of the objectives and needs of Conservation Districts and necessary legislation.
  • Assists Districts in developing guidelines for assistance and priorities to the many and diverse cooperators and others requesting support.
  • Works through sub-committees to study conservation challenges and provides support to Districts who implement solutions.

Initiatives and Programs


  • Promotes and conducts the annual Envirothon for New Hampshire high-school students.
  • Monitors and advocates legislation that supports conservation principles.
  • Designs and conducts practical education workshops on topics such as flood mitigation and nonpoint source pollution prevention.
  • Identifies and designs grant programs to support District initiatives.
  • Hosts semi-annual meetings to provide a forum for Districts and facilitate collaboration among other conservation groups.
  • Actively represents the New Hampshire at the national level through participation in the National Association of Conservation Districts meetings and initiatives.
  • Conducts the annual Soil Judging competition.
  • Implements strategic objectives through collaborative projects and capacity-building.