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​​​​​​Download the NH Cover Crops Trials Brochure here

Corn Planters with Attached Roller-Crimpers Available for Trial

Not sure what do to with those cover crops in the spring? Are you interested in saving time and tractor passes? NHACD has purchased three corn planters with attached roller crimpers to terminate your cover crops and get your corn in the ground all at the same time! A fourth planter is on its way! This equipment was funded through the NH Natural Resources Conservation Service– Conservation Innovation Grant. Contact your local Conservation District to learn more about trying this equipment next spring!

Retrofits to Adapt Existing Planters to No-Till & No-Till Planter Rentals

The Conservation Districts are offering funding and technical assistance to farmers interested in adapting their existing planters to no-till planters. Learn more by contacting your local Conservation District!

Conservation Districts throughout the state have no-till drills available for farmers to rent. A 16ft drill is coming soon to the Connecticut River Valley. Contact your local Conservation District for more details!

Cover Crop Seed Mix Trials

The NH Soil Health Partnership is looking for farms to try out different cover crop mixes all across NH. This will help us determine when, where, why and how some mixes work better than others. We are experimenting with complex mixes that will offer multiple benefits for soil fertility and health, crop health, and crop management.

The mixes are designed to provide benefits such as:
 Preventing erosion
 Increasing soil organic matter
 Reducing compaction
 Capturing excess nutrients
 Fixing nitrogen for crop growth

Sign Up Today for the 2018 Cover Crop Trials

You might qualify for free seed mixes as a part of this trial! In 2018, we are offering five seed mixes:

1. High biomass summer mix for fallow vegetable fields, to be planted around June 15th.
2. Grazing mix for fields transitioning from crops to pasture, to be planted around June 15th.
3. Nitrogen boost for vegetable crops, to be planted around August 15th
4. Winter soil builder for silage corn, to be planted around September 15th.
5. Spring management (low biomass) for silage corn, to be planted around September 15th.
The sign up deadline for any trial in 2018 is March 1st, 2018. See the back of the brochure for contact information.

No-till for Low–Spray and No-Spray Vegetable Farmers

Cover crops and other soil health practices are not just for corn growers with lots of acres. If you have a fruit and/or vegetable farm of any size, and you are interested in reducing tillage while also limiting the use of pesticides, you may be interested in our statewide “No-till for low spray vegetable farmers” project. Contact us to find out if you would be a candidate for demonstrating new equipment and techniques on your farm, or just attend one of our workshops on the topic!

More Details

Interested producers will be put on a contact list to receive updated

information about cover crop trials, seed mixes, dates, and equipment


We’ve Got It Covered!

Already using cover crops? This campaign seeks to assist farmers in getting

recognition for the good cover cropping already being implemented on farms.

These signs are available in your local NRCS, Conservation District or

Cooperative Extension Office. Contact them today!

Who We Are

We are a group of technical service providers from NRCS, NH Association of Conservation Districts (NHACD), County Conservation Districts across the state, Granite State Graziers, and UNH Cooperative Extension. This group was formed out of a need for cohesion and coordination on soil health initiatives in NH. This group is excited to offer a variety of opportunities to assist with soil health on your farm.

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