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November 14 - 15

Annual NHACD Meeting in Portsmouth, Rockingham and Strafford CCDs

Conservation Community Building

Water issues, Droughts and Floods


Agenda items for November Annual Meeting

1) Proposed Amendments for NHACD Annual Meeting

a. NHACD District Representative responsibilities:

  • To attend every NHACD Board of Directors meeting or enlist a substitute supervisor from their district to attend.

  • To report back to district on motions under consideration by the NHACD Board and to report to the NHACD Board of

  • Directors concerns that their district has with NHACD activities.

  • Evaluate NHACD Staff and Programs on an annual basis.

  • Bring to the attention of the NHACD Board any reimbursement of funds issues.

b. Proposed amendment to remove Article II Section 6 of the NHACD By-Laws


2) Long Range Plan


3) Annual Plan and Yearly Budget


4) Nomination and election of 2022 -2023 NHACD Officers - Strafford CCD


5) Adoption of Position Papers

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