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NHACD Events AND Partner Events

Farm & Forest EXPO Outreach Opportunity

Districts have a spot for exhibiting at the 40th Annual Farm & Forest Expo through NHACD.


We're recruiting volunteers to help us share information about our Districts at the Expo, May 5 & 6th.

This year's EXPO moves to spring and the Deerfield Fairgrounds, which offers indoor and outdoor space for displays. The Fairgrounds is located at 34 Stage Rd in Deerfield, NH.


We plan to display our 2022 posters from each district and have space for flyers/ brochures about the Districts and upcoming programs. There's adjacent outdoor space we plan to use to display farm rental equipment and offer a water cyle game for kids. We have 15 free passes for volunteers helping at the EXPO and will cover mileage as well. So volunteer and then explore the EXPO!

Please contact Deborah Diggs at or 603-986-3499  if you are able to help.

Several NHACD Conservation Planners will be also be there. We hope to have at least one person at the table and another outdoors throughout the event. Please contact Deborah by April 24th to volunteer.

Here are the volunteer time slots each day that we hope District Supervisors and staff can help us fill.


Friday, May 5, 2023

7:30-9am: Set-up - Belknap (Donna H), Rockingham (Dick Lutz)

9-11am: Belknap, Rockingham

11am -1pm: Belknap, Rockingham,

1-3pm: Belknap, Rockingham

3-5pm: Belknap, Rockingham

5-7pm: Belknap, Rockingham


Saturday, May 6, 2023

9-11am: Rockingham, Conservation Planner

11am -1pm


3-5pm (4-5 is tear down): Rockingham

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